Blue and Yellow Bubbles


In my last post I talked about how mesmerising oil bubbles on water can be as they glide around.  I decided to explore this theme further.  This time I lit the bubbles from a slightly different angle.  You can see from this new video how the bubbles are no longer flat but appear domed in shape.  It took approximately 4 hours to perfect this video and then around 2 hours editing it in Adobe Premiere Pro.  This is my editor of choice for this type of work as it is quick and easy to use.

Shooting oil bubbles is very time consuming and perfecting both lighting and focus takes time and practice.  However I find the results really rewarding.  I promised myself that I was going to move away from oil on water but I am constantly drawn back to it.

Shortly after shooting this video I began work on another one using a similar lighting set up.  For some reason this video was very dark and did not give me the kind of contrast that shows the bubbles to best effect.  Luckily I had taken numerous shots between clips and for some reason these worked very well.  I will be showing these in my next blog post.  In the meantime here is the final video.


Orange and Blue Bubbles

Hypnotic Oil Bubbles on Water

Oil on water bubbles are very hypnotic when they move slowly in water.  I wanted to capture this motion so that you can see how mesmerising it is.   Technically these bubbles are very hard to capture.  It is a fine line between lighting, focus and depth of field.  The video below took around 2 hours to light. Macro photography is also a technically tricky discipline so making this video was quite challenging.  However I think that the results are worth it.

Hypnotic Oil Bubbles on Water

Results from Our Facebook Poll

When planning an exhibition or new product range, it’s a good idea to ask people what they want to see.  So last week we did just that.

Participants took part in a Facebook poll to choose their favourite image and here are some of them.  Some of these images are never before seen images on the website.  However there was a clear favourite, which is posted below.

The favourite by a mile was an image called Pink Dream.  The bubbles are very rounded on the surface and look much less flat than some of the others.  This is created purely by the manipulation of light.  Projecting light at different angles can create a wealth of different effects with regards to bubble shape and texture.

As promised in the original poll, it will be made available in the gallery to purchase.  For more information and to keep up to date, why not join our lively Facebook Page?

Green themed print

Working on a New Slider

Our existing slider shows the ingredients used to make the bubble images.  However, the bubbles when moving are also very beautiful.  For this reason we thought it would be nice to show this too.  The video shows how hypnotic the bubbles can be.  This video is the first in a number of planned experiments. I will post more examples as they are produced.


Rainbow Colours for the NHS

A number of people have commented that one of my images uses very rainbow themed colours.  A friend of mine suggested that I should offer it for sale and donate the profits to the NHS fund.   I thought that this was a great idea!!

These special edition prints then they are now available to buy.  The prints are 15.1 inches by 15.1 inches and that includes a 0.9 inch border. Please note that the frame is not included.

All profits will go to the NHS fund.  I am pleased to do something to help.  Here is the link to order your print today.

Cascade of bubbles

Benefits of Lockdown

Covid 19 – the SARS Cov 2 virus (official name) has made a massive global impact.  It still remains to be seen whether life will ever be the same?  Lockdown has brought many challenges but it has also brought many opportunities.  One of those major opportunites especially for those not working is having more time.  Time to reflect and time to create and time to consider the future.  Since its inception a few years ago, Only Here has been online showcasing numerous talented artists.  it now promotes the work by artist Karyn Easton.  To date there has never been the opportunity to keep a blog.

However this has now changed with the introduction of the lockdown.  It is our aim to bring our latest news and updates including any new works either newly completed or in the pipeline.