Congratulations on purchasing ‘Sands of Time’ limited edition print!

Thank you for acquiring a ‘Sands of Time’ limited edition print! By using the QR code that accompanies your print and by arriving here, you have unlocked an exciting transformation. Your print, beyond its flat A3 appearance, is a gateway to a three-dimensional world.

Each print is carefully designed with eight clock sections, enabling you to create various 3D masterpieces. You can craft unique little books of time, intricate paper sculptures, and charming boxes. As a token of appreciation, you’ll also find a calming digital artwork of just over two minutes on my YouTube channel.



A short video animation is also included.

Enjoy the journey of turning your print into captivating art!


2+ Minutes of Calm

As part of your purchase, a short 2+ minute digital piece has also been included.  This short piece includes many more clocks in the ‘Sands of Time’ collection. To watch the digital art piece please click here.

Sands of Time Clock Image


‘Sands of Time’ Video Short

Please follow this link to view a short ‘Sands of Time’ video animation.

Sands of Time - clock image


From Flat Print to Form

Your ‘Sands of Time’ print was carefully designed to be so much more than just a flat 2d print.  It has endless hidden possibilities.  If you would like to try out some of these possibilities then please make a colour copy of your print so as not to damage the original and follow the steps below:

  • Cut out your copied image so that only the clocks remain
  • Make a series of cuts (no more than 2-3) across the long length of your copy, be careful not to cut the paper fully.  The cuts should remain close to the edge of your print copy and not actually slice the paper in half etc.
  • If you wish to cut holes then that’s fine however for this project it is probably better to stick with just two to three cuts.
  • Now bend and twist your creation to make a sculptural form.  Once happy with the shape of your 3d form staple in place and enjoy. The following Youtube video gives an example of the folding and twisting process and how the results might be photographed.  Below is also a short step by step video.


From Flat Print to Abstract Paper Sculpture

Please use this link to watch a short instructional video showing how to turn the ‘Sands of Time’ print into a 3d abstract.


From Flat Print to Booklet

The following short instructional video shows how a copy of your ‘Sands of Time’ clock print can be made into small folded booklets.

Sands of Time - Small Booklet

Sands of Time - Folded Booklet

From Flat Print to Box

The Following short process video shows how your flat ‘Sands of Time’ copy can be transformed into a small modular box.

Sands of Time - Modular Box


Additional Resources

These step by step follow along videos are highly recommended as an additional resource. They will help guide you through the trickier elements of making your box.

How to Make up Your Box

How to Make up Your Box (Lid Variation)


Thanks for Watching!

I hope that you are enjoying your purchase and discovering that maybe not everything is always as it seems.  Often much deeper levels and realities exist.  If you liked this project and would like to purchase more copies of ‘Sands of Time’ then please head over to the shop.  Please note that this is a strictly limited series of 10 copies.


To Purchase a Print

Please note that this is a strictly limited edition print and there are only 10 copies available.  To buy your copy please use the link below which will take you to our dedicated online ‘Only Here’ Store.